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Your association officer positions are elected annually. Please indicate your approval/choice of person for each office.

The Bayside Beach Association Board of Directors consists of six members and one alternate. Three (3) board members are elected each year for two-year terms. Please vote for no more than three (3) members for the board of directors. All terms begin October 1, 2023.

Using the enclosed envelope, return your ballot(s) by the deadline date of Fri, September 1, 2023. The envelopes will be opened, and ballots counted at the following Bayside Beach Board of Directors’ meeting on Tuesday, September 12, 2023. Please contact an officer or board member if you would like to attend the counting of the ballots.

Bayside Beach Association Board Candidates

Rachel Khan – Rachel was born and raised in West Bloomfield. Rachel married her high school sweetheart, Fahad, and they joined the Bayside Beach Association two years ago. They currently live on Borland with their two children, Anaya (age 3 years) and Ari (age 3 months). Rachel is a stay-at-home mom that loves taking her kids to the beach to dig in the sand, play in the water, and observe the wildlife. Since stepping into the role of Beach Association Party Planner in 2022, she has successfully planned two unforgettable Fourth of July parties, along with the Trunk or Treat and end-of-the-year celebrations. She enjoys dedicating her efforts to create events that celebrate and enhance community spirit and fun for all.

Diane Lawrence – Diane has lived in West Bloomfield and has been a member of the Bayside Beach Association for 32 years. In 2021, she retired after 40 years in the District Court system as Civil Clerk to the Judge. For 12 years during her career with the court, Diane also served as union president. This union position helped her develop skills in negotiations and conflict resolution. Diane’s contributions to our association over the years include: serving on the board for the past 2 years, organizing the Father’s day breakfast, food preparation at this year’s June 16th Music on the Lake event, working at the beach on opening day to prepare the beach for the summer, performing beach clean ups, and helping to organize/assist with the beach’s annual 4th of July party. Diane hopes to assist the board and the association in maintaining the beach as a pleasing, friendly venue for families and friends.

Emmett Moody Emmett has been involved with Bayside Beach for his entire life as he is the son of David and Cheryl Moody. His parents have served in numerous positions within the Bayside Beach Association for a combined 25+ years (as officers and/or board members). Although Emmett is new in terms of his interest in serving as a board member, he feels the same sense of dedication as his parents have. Emmett attends beach association general membership meetings. He enjoys outdoor sports, especially hunting and fishing with his friends and camping with his family. This past May, Emmett married his wife Shanae, and they have one daughter named Anabelle (age 10). The three of them love spending time at the beach and boating on Upper Straits Lake. Anabelle loves playing with all the children while she at the beach. Emmett has been a Master diesel mechanic for many years. In this career, he has learned critical skills that include: methodical thinking, problem solving, working as a team player, communicating, and (most importantly) listening to everyone involved in a conversation/meeting in order to determine best results. At present, he is a diesel mechanic for fire trucks for a local township. Emmett shared, “I feel I can shine a new light to the beach and keep Bayside Beach moving forward as the neighborhood gathering place we all love.”

Adam Schepp Adam and his wife moved to Michigan in 2013 after growing up in Indiana. Automotive engineering brought him to the area, while interior design brought Holly, his high school sweetheart, here. In 2015, they moved into the neighborhood and immediately fell in love with the neighbors who quickly became a part of their family, as Adam and Holly started raising their son. The Shepps enjoy(ed) life in the Bayside Beach area so much that, in 2021, they moved into their second home located in the community. (One can identify which house is theirs by the Legos on the mailbox.) Adam has served on the Bayside Beach board as alternate for 2 years. Most recently, he generated the membership survey included with this newsletter. As the youngest board member, he has offered the perspective of a young family member in the association. Adam and his family enjoy spending their time at the beach, as often as possible, and have made it a priority to get engaged in the beach association. Adam shared, “Alone, I won’t be a better board member than anyone else, but with membership input, we can continue to fortify this association into the pillar of the neighborhood we all want it to be.”

Nick Zajac –Nick joined the Bayside Beach Association in 1983. He has served numerous terms as a board member and has been involved in various projects at the beach, such as dock installation, fireworks, and power-washing the pavilion area. Nick frequently oversees many of the major repair projects that are done each year at our beach. Nick worked with West Bloomfield Township Wetlands board members to make sure the beach association met the environmental requirements the township board had established for the 2020 boat ramp project and the bathroom concrete project. Nick has also met with various contractors who have provided bids and who have done the actual work on the above-mentioned projects. Most recently, Nick arranged for the beach’s playground equipment to be properly repaired. Safer equipment parts will be installed by the end of August provided supply chain issues do not extend the parts’ delivery date. Nick appreciates the many ways our beach has improved over the years and would like to see this progress continue. He is married to Louise.

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