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Your association officer positions are elected annually. Please indicate your approval/choice of person for each office. The Bayside Beach Association Board of Directors consists of six members and one alternate. Three (3) board members are elected each year for two-year terms. Please vote for no more than three (3) members for the board of directors. All terms begin October 1, 2022. Using the enclosed envelope, return your ballot(s) by the deadline date of Fri, September 2, 2022. The envelopes will be opened, and ballots counted at the following Bayside Beach Board of Directors’ meeting on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. Please contact an officer or board member if you would like to attend the counting of the ballots.

Bayside Beach Association Board Candidates

Joe Bohez – Joe has lived in West Bloomfield for 31 years, 24 of those years as a member of the Bayside Beach  Association. He has previously served on the Bayside Beach Board of Directors for many years, including this year. He regularly contributes to making the beach a pleasurable place to enjoy summer events, especially through his efforts to assist in event set-up (and in food service in the years before COVID-19). Joe is a friendly face to everyone at our  beach.

Mike Burwell – Mike has been a Bayside Beach Association member since 1988, has served and is serving as our  Board Chairman for a total of 27 years, and has used his expertise as an attorney to represent our association in various legal situations (with West Bloomfield Township, Twin Beach Golf and Country Club, Oakland County Road Commission).  These situations include working on: the original Colony Drive paving and road abandonment project, swim area resanding, parking lot paving projects, the boat storage ordinance petition, our legal action against Twin Beach Golf and Country Club, and our past and present boat ramp repair/replacement projects. Mike also represents our Association as a member on the Upper Straits Clean Lake Association. His service to Bayside Beach has been and is invaluable!

Harley Higgins – Harley has lived in West Bloomfield for most of his life. His parents were members of the  Bayside Beach Association starting in 1969! Harley has been a beach association member in good standing since 1978.  In the past, he has served as Association president and, for many years he has served as a board member. Harley’s contributions to the beach have seen it been improved remarkably. These contributions include: maintaining and repairing the restrooms, proposing pontoon boat mooring on the north shore that passed a membership vote, facilitating fence and gate repairs, facilitating replacement of the beach asphalt path with concrete, and serving as a  liaison between the Association and Steve Cumbo who arranges our annual fireworks display on Upper Straits Lake.  Harley regularly assists in maintenance of our beach.

Chuck Safilian – Chuck is a relatively new member of the Bayside Beach Association, having moved next door to the south parking lot in October 2014. He and his family (including his wife Cindy, our party application chairperson,  and his 2 adult children) have lived in West Bloomfield for 22 years. Chuck is the bass player in several bands, including the former Eddie and the Hipbreakers (now the Breakers), that have performed in past Music on the Lake events.  Chuck’s most recent career has been with FCA (Fiat Chrysler) and prior to this with GM, as a mechanical engineer. He extends his mechanical skills at home with many renovation projects to his home (the former orange house on Borland  Street), his mini-bikes, and his classic Corvette. (He has repaired our south parking lot fencing whenever someone has  happened to slide into it in the winter.) Cindy and Chuck keep watchful eyes on our beach, helping to keep our beach safe and beautiful. Chuck looks forward to helping to improve the beach by serving on our association board.

Adam Shepp – Adam served as our 2022 board alternate. He helped organize this year’s Father’s day breakfast.  Adam and his wife moved to Michigan in 2013 after growing up in Indiana. Automotive engineering brought him to the area, while interior design brought Holly, his high school sweetheart, here. In 2015, they moved into the neighborhood and immediately fell in love with the neighbors who quickly became a part of their family, as Adam and Holly started raising their son. The Shepps enjoy(ed) life in the Bayside Beach area so much that they recently moved into their second home located in the community. One can identify which house is theirs by the Legos on the mailbox. Adam and his family enjoy spending their time at the beach, as often as possible, and have made it a priority to get engaged in the beach association. Adam shared, “Alone, I won’t be a better board member than anyone else, but with membership input, we can continue to fortify this association into the pillar of the neighborhood we all want it to be.

Bayside Beach Association Officer Candidates

  • PRESIDENT: Jay Knight (incumbent, running unopposed)
  • VICE PRESIDENT: Allen Oblak (incumbent, running unopposed)
  • SECRETARY: Cathy Schroeder (incumbent, running unopposed)
  • TREASURER: Jo Anne Clark (incumbent, running unopposed)


1. Kids’ Fishing Contest: The USCLA is sponsoring a kids’ fishing contest scheduled for  Saturday, August 6, 2022 from 8AM – Noon. The contest will take place at Bayside Beach.  Registration is on the day of the event and costs $1.

2. Beach Closing Date  Beach closing is scheduled for Saturday, September 24 starting at 9AM.

During the July 19, 2022 General Membership meeting, it was brought to the board’s attention that nonmembers of our West Bloomfield community are depending on members’ complacency when it comes to locking the beach property gates. These non-members use our beach facility but avoid paying dues and  performing work hours


  • Our board members, officers and committee chair people dedicate themselves to providing their services to the beach year-round. We would also like to thank the following people for their service. Thanks to everyone!
  • Bathroom/Plumbing/Maintenance: Harley Higgins, Dean Hare
  • Dock Installation/Maintenance: Allen Oblak
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Beth Middleton
  • Father’s Day Breakfast: Diane Lawrence, Adam Shepp
  • July 4th Party: Rachel Khan
  • Kayak Registration: Jo Anne Clark
  • Locks/Gates: Harley Higgins
  • Membership Chairperson: Liza Jerzy
  • Mooring Chairman: Jeff Parko
  • Music on the Lake: Joe Bohez, Chris Connelly, Ed Cann, and Marty Sause
  • Party Applications: Cindy Safilian
  • Swim Area: Tom Borkus
  • Work Assessment/Maintenance: Dean Hare