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Bayside Beach Opening Day – SATURDAY, MAY 7, 2022 @ 9AM 

Bayside Beach Association’s treasurer and membership chairperson will be on hand at the beach from 9AM to NOON to collect dues (per the amount indicated on the enclosed statement/registration form) and to hand out gate keys. PLEASE UPDATE YOUR INFO on the registration form, especially the first and last names of each adult beach member in your home, your phone number(s) and birthdates!


REGISTRATION (forms, dues, keys): If you are unable to pick up your keys on opening day, please FIRST be sure you have signed up for your 2022 work hours. If you have not done so, contact Dean Hare at 248.363.6198 or at hared152@comcast.net. Once you have signed up for your hours, Dean will contact Jo Anne Clark, Bayside Beach treasurer, to confirm your work hour commitment. Then, you may contact Jo Anne, AFTER our May 7th opening date, Monday through Friday between 5PM and 7PM to arrange key pick-up. Please call before stopping by her home. Jo Anne’s phone number is 248.363.5564. NEW MEMBERSHIPS Liza Jerzy is the contact person for ALL new memberships. Call her at 248.867.5226.

More information is provided in the PDF link at the top